2 August 2017: Pasifika Futures Confirmed for Whanau Ora for Another Three Years


2 August 2017

Pasifika Futures Confirmed for Whanau Ora for Another Three Years

Pasifika Futures has had its Whanau Ora contract extended for another three years.

At its 2nd annual conference in Wellington, the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Bill English told a hundred partners from the Pasifika Futures network that “the work you are doing is so important because you are doing something government just can’t do”.

Mr English talked about the stories of change experienced by Pacific families through the Whanau Ora programmes that are commissioned by Pasifika Futures.

“That is one of the great benefits of the work you are doing at Pasifika Futures. You’re generating these stories that show everyone else how the world works from the point of view of that family,” said Mr English.

“That’s another way in which you are changing the way in which government works because those stories are now being told with much more clarity, much more positively and increasingly the policy and the funding is meant to be aligning with those stories.

“Your role in all this is absolutely critical. One of the things that is becoming clear out of this – which I know is at the heart of what drives Pasifika Futures – is the strength of Pacific families,” he said.

Pasifika Futures was set up three years ago by the Pacific Medical Association to provide the Whanau Ora programme for New Zealand’s Pacific communities. It’s 38 partner organisations work in all the regions of New Zealand helping Pacific families towards healthier living, housing, education, training and financial freedom.

Pasifika Futures Board member, Sir La’auli Michael Jones, spoke about Whanau Ora: “We’ve been able to realise the vision that tangata whenua has had for their whanau. When it comes to this mahi, we’re one.”

In these first three years Pasifika Futures has has engaged with more than 10-thousand Pasifika families and more than 56-thousand Pacific people through programmes offered throughout New Zealand.

Over the two day conference providers with Pasifika Futures as well as their families shared their stories of powerful change that have resulted from their way of working together as part of Whanau Ora.

“The growing success of our families, the work of our partners and our results speak for themselves. We have established a network of 38 partners all committed to working in partnership to support families. Three years on we are making progress, and we look forward to the future,” says Debbie Sorensen, Chief Executive of Pasifika Futures Ltd.

“The performance and willingness of our partners to enter this new way of working and the trust and confidence that our families have shown in working with us demonstrates that the Pacific Whanau Ora model has a relevance in our lives and a widespread acceptance in our communities,” says Dr Kiki Maoate, the Chairman of the Pasifika Futures Board.


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