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Pasifika Futures has a Board of Directors that reflects the interests of our Pacific communities, demonstrates strong Governance skills and experience and is able to operate within cultural frameworks. The board has extensive networks throughout New Zealand and the region built on family, village, kinship, professional, sporting, church, cultural, education, business and community relationships. As individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving Pacific communities, the relationships are deep and multi-faceted.

The board consists of 6 members (3 women, 3 men). This gender balance is important in recognizing the unique role that Pacific women play in Pacific families and the community. The board has 2 Cook Island, 3 Samoan and 1 Tongan members.

All members of the board are involved with ongoing Governance training through the New Zealand Institute of Directors. The board has a Governance Policy manual that has been guided in its development by best practice examples from the NZIOD.

The Board meets monthly and is Chaired by Mr Maoate. It has established a Board Audit, Risk and Remuneration committee which also meets monthly Chaired by Dr Agnew with Dr Sinclair and Ali’imuamua Sandra Alofivae as members.

PFL Board
  • Tearikivao Maoate

    Mr Tearikivao (Kiki) Maoate
    Cook Island
    “I see service as one of my cultural values. There’s an expectation where I come from that you serve and that you are going to look after your community”
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  • Emeline

    Mrs Emeline Afeaki-Mafile’o
    BSW (Hons), PGDipSocSci, MPhil.

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  • Siniva Sinclair

    Dr Siniva Sinclair
    “All over the world there remain huge disparities between the health of different populations. This is something that has always motivated me.”
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  • Sandra Alofivae

    Ali’imuamua Sandra Alofivae
    “Whanau ora is a way of being.   The intricate way our lives are knitted together often demonstrates the power and fragility of our families.  Whanau ora is about highlighting the importance of understanding and nurturing what is best in our families” Read more

  • Michael Jones

    La’auli Michael Jones
    MNZM. B.A., M.A., BPlan
    “As Pacific Islanders we understand that “it takes a Village to raise a Child”, it is how we have always lived. Whanau Ora enables us as a community to further develop and action initiatives and solutions from within our own “village”, that strengthen and build whanau ensuring  positive outcomes for all.” Read more

  • Francis Agnew

    Dr Francis Agnew
    Cook Islands
    “Is important we have a Pacific workforce to take up the challenge in the future. There are lots of brilliant young thinkers, innovators and leaders in our communities…”
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