Mr Tearikivao (Kiki) Maoate


Cook Island, CHAIR

“I see service as one of my cultural values. There’s an expectation where I come from that you serve and that you are going to look after your community”

Tearikivao MaoatePaediatric Surgeon and Urologist, Kiki Maoate is a well-respected leader in the Cook Island community and Pacific health sector in New Zealand and the region. He was awarded in New Zealand Order of Merit in 2014 for his dedication and commitment to Pacific health. Kiki is a Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and is the Clinical Director of the Pacific Island Program. He has recently been appointed as Associate Dean Pacific Health, University of Otago based in Christchurch. Kiki was instrumental in the establishment of Pacific Trust Canterbury and has provided strategic leadership in the development and formation of the South Island Provider collective. He is the President of the Pasifika Medical Association and a member and strong supporter of the Pacific Island Surgeons Association. Kiki is also a member of the Minister of Pacific Island Affairs Ministerial Advisory Committee. He has served on numerous boards and committees including the University of Canterbury Council and the New Zealand and Pacific Health Research Councils. Kiki is an advisor to Cook Islands Ministry of health and is active in the Pacific region as Clinical Director for Health Specialists Ltd working with the New Zealand Aid Program and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia.