Kiribati Language Week: “It connects me to my family, my ancestors, and my country”

Wellington nurse and Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) member Sailosa Kabiriera who proudly hails from Kiribati, helped establish a Kiribati women’s group – the Ribanaia Womens Group – to ensure their unique language and culture is retained and celebrated in Aotearoa. The Ribanaia Women’s Group is Wellington-based with a current membership of 40 women and started at the… Read more »

New report a timely reminder for Pacific families to be vaccinated against Covid-19

The release of a recent report that found that Pacific people are at greater risk of needing hospitalisation due to Covid-19 in New Zealand – and at much younger ages than the rest of the population, is a timely reminder for the Pacific community to be vigilant and be proactive in getting their Covid-19 vaccinations,… Read more »

Kiribati Language Week: Resilience in the face of hopelessness

Kiribati migrant Kabwenea Tangiraoi is not shy about sharing stories of the struggles her and her family faced when moving to Tauranga 12 years ago. Along with her husband, Jason, and their four young children, Kabwenea lived in poverty and become homeless. The family of six lived in a tiny two-bedroom unit with another family,… Read more »

Solomon Islands Independence Day: “Remembering my heritage”

Lose Sipiki received a timely call from her mother this morning to remind her how special this day is for her and the family. But Lose didn’t need reminding and she knew the call from her mother was actually a chance to celebrate as family and as Solomon Islanders the significance of Solomon Islands Independence… Read more »

Empowering Pacific women into positions of leadership

Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) Group CEO, Debbie Sorensen is a proud Pacific woman who is leading by example and providing opportunities to empower and enable other Pacific women into pathways to leadership positions. As a guest speaker at an online forum today, focused on the role of Pacific women and gender equality in health, Mrs… Read more »

NZ Men’s Health Month: Pacific men encouraged to share openly about their health

As we near the end of this month – June, was New Zealand Men’s Health Month and it was a time for Pacific men to get a warrant of fitness on their physical and mental well-being. For Pacific Psychologist, Dr Sam Manuela, who is a senior lecturer of Psychology at the University of Auckland, the… Read more »

Technology workshop helps build matua confidence in this digital age

The Cook Islands Mamas are a colourful group of matua, who are reservoirs of cultural knowledge across traditional customs and practices, such as the artistic Polynesian quilting called tivaevae. But one skill that has eluded these elders over the years is the use of present-day technology and knowing how to use computers and cell phones… Read more »

Kanorau programme – a partnership to improve digital inclusion of Pacific families

As part of the Government’s strategy to give all New Zealanders the tools to participate in, contribute to and benefit from the digital world, Manaiakalani Education Trust and Te Wānanga o Aotearoa have been offering free Kanorau Digital courses and recently partnered with Pasifika Futures and its vast network to provide digital training to Pacific… Read more »

Support packages assist 446 Pacific families during flood crisis

More than 446 families and 2200 Pacific individuals received packages of support from South Island Pacific health providers, Etu Pasifika and Fale Pasifika o Aoraki to help them in the aftermath of the recent North Canterbury floods. The Pasifika Futures partners received emergency funding to support families with the provision of food, household essentials and… Read more »

A “privilege” to receive Covid-19 vaccine at Pacific focused health clinic

It has been over a week since the opening of the Etu Pasifika Covid-19 vaccination centre in Christchurch and already more than 240 Pacific individuals have been administered with their first doses. This initial vaccination drive was targeted at the Pacific community, focusing on the elderly, church and community leaders. Now the centre is broadening… Read more »