Compliance and collective responsibility – key to fight against Covid-19 Delta virus

It is critical that during lockdown we follow the restrictions and hygiene protocols directed by the authorities, especially with the new mask mandate in place, says Dr Api Talemaitoga.

As the community cases of Covid-19 continue to increase, Dr Talemaitoga emphasises that we must all “do our bit” to lessen the chances of the virus spreading.

“This time around we’ve got to be extra vigilant that we are doing as much as we can because of the infectious nature of the Delta variant,” he says.

Dr Talemaitoga is in support of the mask mandate which requires anyone aged 12 and over to be wearing a mask or face covering when accessing essential services.

“It’s really good that it’s been made mandatory. Mask wearing is one more tool that we can use in our public health toolkit to try and have that extra layer of protection.

This is really important because of the Delta variant being twice as infectious as the original Alpha variant, so it’s more spreadable.”

Dr Talemaitoga adds that face coverings should cover your nose and mouth at the same time as that is where respiratory droplets come out from.

He also says that we must not forget key protocols such as washing and sanitizing our hands, social distancing but most importantly staying home.

With 40% of Pacific people living in overcrowded homes, Dr Talemaitoga says it is important that the Pacific community is complying with the rules.

“It is particularly important for Pasifika communities because of the relative ease with which the Delta variant spreads” he says.

Dr Talemaitoga adds that the already high risk for the Pacific community is compounded further  with low vaccination rates so compliance with government directives is crucial in keeping Pacific families safe.

“It’s important that we comply and do as much as we can to prevent the spread of the virus. We need to remember that in a pandemic it’s the whole community that needs to support each other.

If we all do our bit, we will definitely lessen the chances of the virus spreading and a further lockdown. We need to be more vigilant than what we were last year because of how infectious this virus is.”

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Date: Friday 20 August 2021