What is Whanau Ora?

  • Whanau Ora is an approach which recognises that Whanau problems are best solved by whanau.
  • To empower children we must work to empower their whanau. That’s why Whanau Ora works not just with individuals but with their whanau as well.
  • Whanau Ora is all about supporting and building the capability of families to realize their aspirations.

Who is Whanau Ora for?

  • Whanau Ora is not about Government fixing whanau. Whanau Ora is about empowering whanau to fix themselves.
  • Whanau Ora is proudly family-centric.
  • More than 33,000 children and families in communities across New Zealand have already benefited from Whanau Ora.

Why is there a Whanau Ora Commissioning Agency for Pacific people?

  • Commissioning Agencies are proven experts in reaching people. A Commissioning Agency was required with expertise and credibility in reaching Pacific peoples.
  • A Pacific organisation is ideally placed to listen, understand and facilitate the links between the Government, service providers and Pacific families.
  • A Pacific Commissioning Agency provides the opportunity for the Pacific community to take control of its own future.

How was the Commissioning Agency chosen?

  • The Commissioning Agencies were selected through a widely promoted and contestable process.
  • The Pasifika Medical Association was chosen to be the Commissioning Agency for Pacific peoples.

Who is the Pasifika Medical Association?

  • The Pasifika Medical Association has been at the forefront of improving health and wellbeing of Pacific peoples since 1996.
  • The Pasifika Medical Association is based in Auckland and has a membership of more than 3,000 health professionals.

How will partner organisations be chosen?

  • An extensive consultation process will identify the needs of the Pacific community and gaps in the provision of support services.
  • Partner organisations will be identified at a local and regional level to support the aspirations of Pacific families in health, housing, education, training and economic development.

When will the roll-out begin?

  • Top priority for the new organisation is the design of a Whanau Ora Pasifika Futures Outcomes Framework.
  • Regional and national fono are being convened with family, community, providers and stakeholders to identify opportunities for supporting Pacific families.
  • Once the Framework is in place, providers will be contracted to work with families throughout New Zealand.

How will Pasifika Futures be governed?

  • A new board is being established which combines Pasifika Medical Association members with new members who bring complementary skills and expertise. All members have strong governance experience and are committed to the goals and values of the Pasifika Medical Association and Whanau Ora.

What’s different about this programme?

  • Whanau Ora allows solutions to be tailored to the needs of individual families.
  • It enables a collective, community response to supporting families, which is different from the traditional approach of government agencies working independently.
  • This innovative approach means that solutions to issues confronting families will be developed by families and communities.

How will we know this initiative will be effective?

  • There will be quarterly monitoring and reporting to measure progress against outcomes.
  • There will be an annual report to stakeholders covering what has been achieved against key performance indicators.