Ngalu Fānifo

A New Wave for Mental Well-being

Our communities have told us that responding and supporting families with Mental Health needs are a priority. We have commissioned “Ngalu Fānifo – A new wave for mental well-being” as our collective response to this call from our communities.

We have the opportunity now to support our communities with a skilled and trained workforce of practitioners who understand the context of our lives, understand our uniqueness and diversity and who can access the resources families need to manage their own mental health challenges.

Ngalu Fānifo is a Tongan term that refers to surfing the waves and in the context of our mental health service, it’s essentially a new wave for mental-wellbeing. It acts as a metaphor where one is riding the wave of emotions until you reach a smooth landing.

Ngalu refers to all the different types of waves;

  • There are unexpected ones,
  • There are ones you can see from afar,
  • There are big ones,
  • There short ones,
  • There are sudden ones and
  • There are rough ones.

Fānifo is the art of riding these waves.

Ngalu Fānifo in then, speaks of accepting that challenges (waves) are inevitable and instead of succumbing to them as though fate has already been decided, we embrace and see them as opportunities to apply and live out our values even more. When done well, spectators (partners and public) will be inspired and feel “māfana” (crudely translated as exhilarated) as though they themselves were surfers as well.

Ngalu Fānifo Segment on 531PI

We have partnered with the Pacific Media Network (PMN) to launch a dedicated weekly mental health segment to address mental health concerns from the Pacific community. 

The weekly mental health segment begins on Wednesday 29 September on 531 PI’s Pacific Days Show with Brian Sagala at 12:40pm. You can watch the episodes below.