Pacific salutations to Hon. Leulua’iali’iotumua Bill English

From Left: Dr Kiki Maoate, Sir Michael Jones, Hon. Bill English, Mrs Debbie Sorensen pictured at Pasifika Futures Whanau Ora Conference 2017

We would like to extend our grandest appreciation and thanks to Hon. Leulua’iali’iotumua Bill English for the leadership and service he has dedicated to the Pacific Community over his time not only as Prime Minister of New Zealand but through his career in politics and time in parliament.

Leulua’iali’iotumua Bill English has always been a strong supporter of Whanau Ora and the work that Pasifika Futures implements to support the Pacific community.

Dr Kiki Maoate, Chairman of Pasifika Futures has expressed his gratitude for the ministry and devotion Mr English has provided through his duties so Pasifika Futures organizational purpose and goals may be achieved and realized.

“On behalf of Pasifika Futures and it’s many families across New Zealand, even spreading across the Pacific region, we wish to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Leulua’iali’iotumua Bill English and his family for their dedication and service to our country and Pacific community.”

“He was always very supportive of Pasifika Futures, the Whanau Ora Programme and was equally as passionate about the communities that we serve.”

“We have had the wonderful privilege of working and knowing Leulua’iali’iotumua Bill English and it is an honour to be able to have experienced his kind-hearted compassion for others and be a part of his journey in New Zealand politics.”


At Pasifika Futures 2nd Annual conference in August 2017, Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Bill English expressed his gratitude for the positive work carried out and stories shared by Pacific families and their experiences through the Whanau Ora programme by saying “the work you are doing is so important because you are doing something government just can’t do.”

“Your role in all this is absolutely critical. One of the things that is becoming clear out of this – which I know is at the heart of what drives Pasifika Futures – is the strength of Pacific families,” said Mr English.

CEO of Pasifika Futures, Mrs Debbie Sorensen thanks Mr English for his continuous support as a strong advocate for the work Pasifika futures carries out and acknowledges the commitment demonstrated to strengthening our Pacific families and community.

“We wish to pay tribute to this man and all he has sacrificed for our country and all that he has accomplished. An inspirational leader and dear friend, he will leave behind a strong legacy and his presence in politics will be greatly missed.”

“We wish him well for the future in all endeavours and know that he will be enjoying some quality time spent with those closest to him, particularly his family and wife Mary who have also dedicated their time to the service and support of this country also.”