Pasifika Futures CEO Debbie Sorensen in Leaders Like You

“Playing a bigger game

Debbie Sorensen, Chief Executive of Pasifika Futures, is uncompromising in her commitment to improve the social and economic outcomes of Pacific Island families and communities. Her forthright approach and willingness to say what she thinks may not always make her popular, but it’s a price she’s willing to pay to make a difference to those she serves.”

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The starting excerpt from Pasifika Futures CEO Debbie Sorensen’s story in the book Leaders Like You by Nick Sceats and Andrea Thompson.

Leaders Like You shares stories from various New Zealand leaders, inspiring others through stories of ‘courage, failure and commitment.’

We are proud to see Debbie feature alongside other Pacific leaders such as Founding Artistic Director at Black Grace Dance Company, Neil Iremia and Founding Chief Executive of Le Va, Dr. Monique Faleafa.

“For Pacific people, it is a privilege and honour to be in a leadership position.” Comments Debbie Sorensen in Leaders Like You.

“Leadership is about inspiring and supporting others to do extraordinary things.”

Read her full story along with others by purchasing your own copy of Leaders Like You at any good bookstore or online here thanks to Catapult.

Leaders Like You / Image Source: Catapult

Leaders Like You / Image Source: Catapult