Support for solo mum

You often hear that a mother’s heart is always with her children.

Akateni with children Tangirai (eldest), Pamela (middle child) and Pirini (youngest)

Akateni with children Tangirai (eldest), Pamela (middle child) and Pirini (youngest)

Akateni Teiti, Cook Islander, lives in South Auckland with children aged 4, 3 and 1 has the a heart of a breadwinner mom.

Last year, Akateni’s partner died suddenly and it took a big toll on her young family.

“Our circumstances changed dramatically. All of a sudden I was dependent on the government’s benefit to survive.”

“It was emotionally overwhelming, financially overwhelming and I was so depressed.”

 “As you might expect, left to be a single parent added extreme pressure and the stress of raising young children alone,” says Akateni.

“We have family around but they could only help to a certain extent. I had to pick myself up and get on with life for the sake of my kids.”

“That’s when I was introduced to Vaka Tautua’s financial literacy programme. I needed help.”

“I enrolled in the Whānau Ora financial guidance programme.”

“I enjoyed it thoroughly. I learned to understand the importance of choosing between your needs and wants.”

“The programme helped me to learn how to budget and what I can do to improve on my circumstances.”

“I also learned about the importance of saving for the future and having life insurance and funeral cover.”

Akateni’s grandmother and mother both died from cancer and it took a financial toll on family.

“We didn’t plan for a funeral or saved up for it. It was a lesson learnt.”

“I don’t want that to happen to my kids. I don’t want my kids to go through the same ordeal.”

“My kids won’t be left in debt. Having life insurance and funeral cover will ease some of the pain,” says Akateni.

“At least I know if anything happens to me tomorrow, there is money there.”

“Also attending the programme, you get to meet people and share stories.”

“To get through the pain and hardships of life I chat and share with other families on the programme.”  

“The Whānau Ora programme has helped me immensely to take control of my life and make my own goals and dreams come true.”

“All these things you do it from a mother’s heart. I don’t want to leave any financial burden for my kids.”

Akateni says she highly recommends the financial literacy programme to other parents especially single mothers.

“I highly recommend it, especially to single parents raising kids on their own. The programme will help them in ways they cannot imagine.”

“It definitely help me.”

“It connected me with some people who are in similar circumstances and I’ve made new friends.”

“The struggle is real but you have to remain positive.”

“You have to be strong and carry on living for your children.”