Supporting Tongan families in Wellington


Sateki Ahio, Project Coordinator for the Wellington Tongan Leaders Council Trust with Pasifika Futures staff

The Tongan Wellington Leaders Council has been awarded a $210,000 contract through Pasifika Futures to support Tongan families in the Wellington region.

The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs is proud to have supported the Council in its establishment and development to the point where it’s been able to win this important contract.

The Ministry was instrumental in establishing the Council in 2012 as a mechanism for supporting a collective voice of the Tongan community, with a purpose of boosting social, cultural and economic wellbeing and prosperity.

The Council has 34 members representing church leaders from 24 Tongan churches in the Wellington region and has become a registered Charitable Trust.

Since the Council started the Ministry has been a key partner, supporting it in projects including the Tongan Language Week Parliamentary Event, Haapai Cyclone Relief Efforts, publishing bilingual books and establishing annual expos during language week.
The Ministry will continue to support the Council as it focuses on implementing the Tongan families’ programmes over the next two years.

Working to stop family violence.

Story via Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs.