A vision fulfilled – New Etu Pasifika premises a cause for celebration

When the team at Etu Pasifika move to their new purpose-built premises on Tuam Street at the end of this month, it will be the realisation of a dream for both staff and the community.

Etu Pasifika general manager, Mr Amanaki Misa, says the move from their current premises on Montreal Street, is symbolic of their commitment to serving the Pacific community to the highest standards and of their progression as a community with the fulfilment of a 50-year-old dream shared by local Pacific leaders and pioneers.

“There has always been a fight and a dream to have a Pacific village in Christchurch. Those before us were aiming for this, knowing that Christchurch was a conservative city with a small Pacific population. When I was younger, I could not even conceptualize this idea. But our pioneers and leaders had the courage to even dare to dream this big. The fact that it is actually happening is a testament to their dedication and vision.

This will be a village with a purpose, which is around health and wellbeing for our Pacific families. It’s a village where we can cultivate, talanoa about our wellbeing and help our families to live healthier lifestyles.”

He says the move to the new premises would not have been possible without the financial and moral support from the Pasifika Medical Association (PMA).

“It’s a collective effort and together we can conquer any mountain with the leadership and direction of our board and the passion and dedication of our operational staff. Together we will continue to provide a range of health and wellbeing services.”

The new building will be full of Pacific murals and artwork and families who enter will feel like they are at home, says Etu Pasifika clinical director Dr Monica Nua-George.

“The setup is not like a standard medical clinic. It’s set up more like a community centre space and doesn’t look like a waiting room.  Also, with a bigger site we will have the space to provide extra services to our community, so we can do more to help them.”


Date: Wednesday 5 May 2021