What the “New Norm” Funerals Mean for Pasifika

The spread of the Covid-19 virus and the compulsory self-isolation period has dramatically changed the way we live, with restrictions on how we socialise and gather as a community. One area that has had a devastating impact on our families is the strict restrictions on the funeral and burial process when loved ones die during… Read more »

“We are ready to support our community post COVID-19,” says Etu Pasifika

Staff at the Christchurch based health provider, Etu Pasifika, have said they understand the community is concerned about the long-term impacts the Covid-19 lockdown will have on their families. But, they want to reassure families that their staff are ready and prepared to provide support post Covid-19. Etu Pasifika, General Manager, Amanaki Misa said his… Read more »

Managing Prescriptions During Covid-19

Before the country was forced into self-isolation due to Covid-19 , type 2 diabetic Jason Manumu’a of Otahuhu, made sure he renewed his prescriptions and stocked up on his much-needed medication. Although he had taken care of his own prescriptions, just days into the lockdown period, his parents, who Jason lives with and who are… Read more »

Social Distancing Isn’t Social Isolation

The lack of modern technology may be an obstacle for our elderly living alone during the emergency self-isolation period to combat Covid-19. Regular news updates on the internet and social media are how many people in self-isolation are connecting to the outside world, but it’s a technology that may not be accessible to our elderly…. Read more »

What To Do if You or a Loved One Contracts COVID-19?

As the country goes into Alert level 4 self-isolation to prevent the spread of Covid-19, you might be wondering what to do if you or a family member develop any symptoms, like a fever or a cough, during this period. Dr Siniva Sinclair, a public health physician at Counties Manukau and a board member of… Read more »

Covid-19 Support Packages received by over 1000 Pacific families in NZ, with more to come.

Over 1000 Pacific families across New Zealand have received Covid-19 Packages of Support which, were funded by Pasifika Futures¾the Whānau Ora commissioning agency for Pacific families. This has been the first week the packages have been made available for families, numbers of families receiving packages are expected to rise over the next four-weeks. Lynda Misa-Tilivea… Read more »

How A Tongan Household of 10 are Coping During COVID-19

As a child growing up in Tonga, mother-of-12 Ivoni Fuimaono was haunted by the stories her great-grandfather would tell her about surviving the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic which infected most of the population and killed two thousand people. Learning from the horrors of the past, Ivoni is determined to protect her family during the latest… Read more »

PMA provides safe isolation for stranded USP students in NZ

The Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) through Pasifika Futures has provided a safe haven for self-isolation for fourteen students from Tokelau, who arrived in New Zealand on Monday afternoon with their liaison officer. The group, who attend The University of the South Pacific in Fiji, are desperately trying to get back to their families in Tokelau… Read more »

Pasifika Futures will double their investment to $2 million

An additional $1 million investment has been added to support Pacific families through Pasifika Futures Family Support Package Initiative. For more questions and access to receive support, please contact your local Whānau Ora provider. Whānau Ora provider list .

The Pasifika Medical Association Emergency Medical Team (PACMAT) completed its first 2-week rotation in Samoa on Sunday and were replaced by the second rotation.

The Pasifika Medical Association Emergency Medical Team (PACMAT) completed its first 2-week rotation in Samoa on Sunday and were replaced by the second rotation. The teams led by Dr Fionna Bell, General Practitioner and Dr Allister Bush, Psychiatrist quickly integrated into the Samoa health system working alongside Samoa colleagues with ease. The duties were varied… Read more »