Mother’s Day Series – “Let your children know they are loved every single day”

Fijian radio personality Nemai Vucago says being a mother to three boys is a blessing and she has also enjoyed becoming an aunty to many of their friends.

“I am a mother of three boys but when they come home from school and bring all of their friends, then I become a mother to about ten more boys,” she laughs.

“I’ve just been surrounded by a whole lot of young men in my life. I go into the shopping centre and I hear ‘Hi Aunty, Hi Aunty’ from all corners of the mall. “

The programme producer for the Fiji show on Radio 531pi says her three adult sons, Ratu Filimoni, 29,  Roy, 27 and Ratu Emosi, 24, are the joys of her life. The rugby fan is also excited that her son Roy lives in Scotland, playing rugby full time.

“It was such a joy when I had my first child – seeing them take their first steps, get their first tooth, say their first word, their first day of school. You just wanted to go to school with them every day.”

On Mother’s Day, Nemai says all mothers play an important role in their children’s lives which sets the tone for how they feel about themselves and others.

“This is my advice to give to mothers of sons and daughters. Always bless your children before they leave the front door. They need to hear this encouragement before they leave home and to know that they are loved every single day.”


Date: Saturday 8 May 2021