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Ngalu Fānifo: Exploring Mindful tasks that settle busy minds
Updates / News , 14 Jun 22
Pasifika Futures’ weekly Ngalu Fānifo segment on Radio 531 P.I which focuses on mental health and wellbeing continues its recent focus on practical approaches to alleviating stress and anxiety with mindfulness tasks designed to settle one’s nerves and bring about a sense of calmness.

Clinical Psychologist for Etu Pasifika Christchurch, Peati Mene-Vaele, says it is important to pause during the day if you are feeling distressed or anxious. 

In the latest segment, she talked listeners through a mindfulness task focused around the five senses. 

“It's a task that we usually use either as grounding when we feel our anxiety levels are rising or a tool that we can use when we’re noticing that our thoughts are taking us into the past or future and not the present. 

It taps into the five senses that we have but it often talks about a sixth sense, which is noticing our thoughts. The senses exercise is something we can all tune in to and is a good reminder of how powerful our brain and body is when we tap into focused tasks.”

She encourages people to try and make mindfulness tasks such as the five senses exercise as a regular practice within your day or week. 

Click here to watch the full talanoa and participate in the five senses mindfulness task with Peati. 

The Ngalu Fānifo segment is once a week every Wednesday on 531’s Pacific Days Show with Brian Ma’a Sagala at 12:40pm. You can listen in on the radio or livestream on the 531 Facebook page. 


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Date: Tuesday 14 June 2022