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Pasifika Futures receive a portion of $140 million boost for Māori and Pacific families to combat Omicron
Updates / News , 27 Feb 22
Pasifika Futures (PFL) - the Whānau Ora commissioning agency for Pacific families – recently received a boost in funding last week with the announcement of $140 million allocated for Māori and Pacific families to support them with the current Omicron outbreak.

Approximately $13.5 million will be directed to PFL who are already providing extensive support services for Pacific families which has been on-going for the past two and half years. 

In a recent interview on 531 P.I, PFL CEO Mrs Debbie Sorensen advised that with the additional funding the focus will be on two key areas within the Pacific community. Firstly, resourcing the needs of the disability community during this outbreak such as increasing PPE gear for them and their families. The second area of focus will be the Pacific communities outside of Auckland who will become more visible with the rising cases given the speed and scope of the Omicron variant.   

“We have rising numbers in Nelson, we have rising numbers in Hawks Bay and so we’ll support those much smaller organisations to respond quickly and effectively”, says Mrs Sorensen.

In the interview Mrs Sorensen advises that the Omicron variant has changed PFL’s approach to supporting families, 

“Because Omicron moves so quickly, people need to isolate quickly….and so support has to come in quickly”, says Mrs Sorensen. This increase in speed delivery will be a stress test for PFL and their partners but she believes they are up for this challenge. 

A belief that is based on the hard work the team has done for Pacific families over the past two years – efforts that Mrs Sorensen hopes the government will consider with the upcoming budget in May this year. 

“We’re hoping that the government will recognise that the recovery from Covid over the last two or three years is going to take a long time for our families and communities, so we will need additional resource ongoing in our baseline to make sure we can look after families well”.


To view the full interview please click here.

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Date: Monday 28 February 2022