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PFL Partner Series: Taeaomanino Trust
Updates / News , 17 Aug 23
"Stronger families, stronger futures,” is the motto of the Taeaomanino Trust (TT), who’s vision and purpose is to empower Pacific individuals to recognise and embrace their potential with courage and optimism.

Located in Porirua, Wellington, this vibrant and community-oriented organisation provides an array of social and mental health services.  

Under their mission of developing and delivering exceptional leadership and knowledge, the trust is committed to fostering elevated levels of health, social well-being, and economic prosperity for Pacific communities.  

Daniel Umaga, Team Leader for the Family and Community Team, is passionate about his role and explains some of the dire needs experienced in Porirua and the outer parts of Wellington.   

There are so many stressors out there, often multiple addictions and it’s not up to us to judge them but rather support them in the needed areas.”   

We come with a friendly approach, leaving it up to the person or family to let us know what it is that they need and we do our best to respond with the appropriate and required pathways and services."   

We just walk alongside them at their pace.’"  

Amidst the many services the Trust offers for families in the community, the Whanau Ora initiative is one that is delivered in collaboration and partnership with Pasifika Futures (PFL). This meaningful partnership oversees a family centred approach which recognises the best solutions to family challenges experienced by Pacific families.    

Pacific families are supported to achieve their aspirations in education, training, economic development, health, participating in the community, developing cultural capital, strengthening identity and family development.”   

Through the partnership with PFL we are able to see that the needs of Pacific families are met.”   

Like all community focused organisations, the frontline workforce is a critical component in making an impact, and works tirelessly with their hearts on their sleeves and a passion to be of service. This is no exception for Umaga and his team.  

Umaga shares the joys and the rewards that he derives from his work. 

Pacific people are gracious and grateful people. Their feedback isn’t criticism, their feedback is gratitude.”  

During many occasions after finishing a client conversation, we often hear endless thanks and we can feel that its genuine.”    

Money cannot buy gratitude and the expressions our families share are priceless and really felt whole heartedly.”   

“It makes you feel humble and makes you want to continue helping our people.”   

For more information on the Taeaomanino Trust, and the services they offer inclusive of self referrals, please visit their website