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Queen’s Birthday Honours 2022: Rev. Hiueni Nuku (QSM)
Updates / News , 10 Jun 22
The recent Queen’s Birthday Honors List for 2022 saw a number of Pacific leaders recognised for their contributions to the Pacific community. Included in this list is the Chair for the Wellington Tongan Leaders Council – a Pasifika Futures partner - Reverend Hiueni Nuku.

Reverend Nuku was awarded with the Queen’s Service Medal (QSM) for services to Tongan and Pacific communities - an achievement he says is the product of those who have paved the way for him to serve his community. 

“I want to acknowledge God for the love and wisdom that He’s gifted, allowing me to serve our community. It’s a real honor for me and my family, especially with the support of my wife and four kids who have been alongside me in the work that I do. 

So many people have paved the way for us to continue serving our people and I have just followed in their footsteps, so I receive this award on our behalf.”

He acknowledges all those who have played a part in his journey of leadership and service.

“I’d like to honor my parents, even though they’re not around; I grew up witnessing their commitment to the church, community and Government of Tonga. I learned so much about service from them.

I’d also like to acknowledge the Wellington Tongan Leaders Council who are so dedicated to serving our community; Pasifika Futures has also been a great support with resources, enabling us to serve our community.”

Reverend Nuku is humbled to be recognised for his leadership and encourages those who work in the same capacity to continue working collaboratively.

“It makes a huge difference when we work hand in hand to serve our people. It’s so important that we work closely together because it makes a big difference. Let’s keep building relationships so we can continue seeing positive outcomes in our community.”


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Date: Friday 10 June 2022