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Te Maeva Nui Festival 2023
Updates / Events , 14 Sep 23
The highly anticipated Te Maeva Nui festival is gearing up for another thrilling edition just a few weeks away. The event is scheduled to take place at Auckland's Waitakere District Trust Arena from September 29th to 30th.

This year's festivities have witnessed an impressive turnout, boasting over 1,500 participants and the inclusion of ten entirely new teams. This information comes from Kimi Masters, the administrator and events coordinator for the Te Maeva Nui festival. 

The different teams participating in the festival are comprised of multiple generations within the same families. Masters, who is responsible for tracking family engagement statistics, has gained valuable insights into the types of family members participating in the Te Maeva Nui festival. Her findings have revealed up to five generations coming together to celebrate. 

“That’s the beauty of our festival, you get to perform next to your grandson, your great-grandson, your great-grandmother and beyond.”  

“This is one of those rare opportunities for our people, to showcase and perform the layers of our Cook Island culture on a big stage alongside all of their family members.”  

“Our age restriction is thirteen to sixty-five and we see it all.” 

The primary aim of the Te Maeva Nui festival is to unite Cook Islanders and individuals from diverse backgrounds to share and deepen their understanding of the rich culture of the Cook Islands. 

The event will feature additional stalls on-site, promising a day filled with immersive experiences of Cook Islands culture and learning opportunities. This is a day that should not be missed, and Pasifika Futures takes pride in being a part of it. 

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster via the link here - Tickets or there will be a live stream shared through the Te Maeva Nui social media platforms.