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Atafu Tokelau Community Group
Updates / Community , 27 Oct 23
In celebration of Tokelau Language Week, we highlight the work carried out by Pasifika Futures (PFL) partner, Atafu Tokelau Community Group (ATCG), whose goal is to work towards and maintain prosperity for Tokelauans in the region.

This year's theme for Tokelau Language Week is "Ke Olatia ko ia Tokelau i tana Fakavae" which translates to "Tokelau to Prosper Within its Foundation", a fitting theme that aligns with the work of ATCG. 

Since its establishment in the early 1970s, the group has diligently worked with and for Tokelauans in implementing initiatives that promote the social, economic and cultural well-being of its communities. 

Zechariah Reuelu, Project Lead for the ATCG, speaks on the enduring goals of the group and the reach of its impact. 

“The Trust and its kaiga have been very dedicated and passionate in terms of the well-being of our Tokelauan community in Porirua and across the region. We are a volunteer group, and have been for the last 60 years which is part of our Te Kaiga Maopoopo cultural practice of who we are.” 

“One step at a time, and with God's grace, we can try and find ways where we can improve lives by the things that are important to their needs like culture, healthy housing, having a good education, a good job. These are all fundamentals that we all want in life. And I really believe that the work that we are doing in our community is one of those impacted step changes for our people.” 

Reuelu highlights that the work to support their community in terms of language and culture should continue beyond the language week. 

“We acknowledge the importance of Tokelau Language Week, but what can we do after that week? How can we support those who are disengaged or disconnected from their culture?” 

“And so the work we're doing together across New Zealand with other communities is about that. If we can do that from a Tokelau lens and strength-based approach, we can continue to improve the lives of Tokelauan-New Zealand citizens in Aotearoa.”  

PFL is a proud partner of ATCG and looks forward to continuing to work in collaboration to enhance the lives and wellbeing of Tokelau communities. 

The picture represents the community co-design engagement with BECA to develop its 30 Year Strategic Plan.