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Christchurch hosts final PFL Roadshow event for South Island with diverse community turnout
Updates / Community , 1 Jul 24
The PFL Roadshow for the South Island concluded its journey in Christchurch, where a large and diverse gathering of Pacific families came together. The event drew people of various Pacific backgrounds and all age groups, eager to participate in a talanoa about their dreams and goals for the Pacific community in the Canterbury Region.

During the discussions, the community highlighted the crucial role of educational pathways in empowering youth and also stressed the importance of preserving cultural connections. They also emphasised the need for financial literacy, recognising it as a vital tool for families to achieve prosperity and financial stability. 

The talanoa also touched on the topic of AI, with people exploring how Pacific families can stay in the know of evolving technologies, particularly as AI increasingly influences various industries and the way they function.

The PFL Roadshow will resume Monday 8 July, with the team visiting Wellington for their first talanoa in the North Island. Keep up to date with our roadshow by following us on Facebook @ Pasifika Futures or on Instagram @pasifikafutures.