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Fiji aiming to be “Champions” both on and off the field – Fiji/Rotuma Vaccination Drive
Updates / Community , 8 Oct 21
The Fijian and Rotuman community in Auckland are intensifying their fight against Covid with their community’s vaccination drive which started yesterday and continues today and tomorrow at the Māngere Centre Park in Favona.

Pasifika Futures (PFL) Health Engagement Manager, Mr Malcolm Andrews, is helping with the vaccination drive as a member of the established working group in the Fijian Leaders Aotearoa Forum.

“Our leaders unanimously agreed to request and work with The Fono, Auckland Council, Ministry of Health, Pasifika Futures and PMN to have a vaccination drive for our communities, targeting those in our community who haven’t been vaccinated.

This event is aimed at helping boost our vaccination levels and to reach deeply into our community to protect our vulnerable members and our children.”

The vaccination event is drawing inspiration from the success of the Fiji Rugby Sevens Team, says Mr Andrews.

“Rugby Sevens is the only game that unites the people of Fiji together. Amid this pandemic and all the struggles back home, the Fijian and Rotuman leaders have decided to put smiles back onto the faces of Fijians in Aotearoa.

If Fiji can be champions on the sevens field, we can also be champions when it comes to community vaccination and continue to lead by example.”

He says getting vaccinated is important as it will help eliminate Covid-19 and most importantly protect our loved ones.

“We are calling for a sea of blue waves this week at the Viti Kei Rotuma Vaccination Drive. Celebrate Fiji Language Week by getting your vaccine shot whether it’s your first or second dose.

We will specifically target our Fijian and Rotuman communities, but we will also be open to our Indo-Fijian/Fijian Indian families, other Māori and Pacific ethnic groups around the area.

Toso Mai Viti kei Rotuma. Cula Mo Bula! Together we can, together we will.”

#pmafamily #pmaunite

Date: Friday 8 October 2021