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Flu vaccination strongly encouraged to keep our community safe in winter
Updates / Community , 22 Jun 22
Pacific families are being encouraged to receive their flu vaccination as an extra layer of protection from the flu during this winter season.

Etu Pasifika Auckland GP, Dr Mata Daniel, says the vaccination helps to effectively fight the flu.

“The flu jab helps to build your antibodies that are responsible for fighting against the flu. When you are exposed to the organisms that cause the flu, you either don’t get it or aren’t affected as severely.”

She urges people to go in for their vaccination if they are eligible, especially with the flu starting to spread rapidly within the community.

“The flu jab is 60-90% effective in preventing infection in a healthy person. We are currently trying to encourage our Pasifika and Māori patients to come in.

Children from the age of 6 months and up are eligible for the flu jab; the dose for them is slightly different from the adults.”

Etu Pasifika Auckland will be pushing for flu vaccinations, with plans for a weekly flu drive.

“We are planning to start a flu drive every Friday from our clinic, but patients are also able to request a jab by booking an appointment with one of our nurses.”


For anyone wanting to book in for a flu vaccination at Etu Pasifika Auckland, please ring (09) 276 8640.


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Date: Thursday 23 June 2022