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Looking out for each other during Easter
Updates / Community , 14 Apr 22
As families take an opportunity to pause and spend time together this Easter weekend, it is important we maintain our faith and trust that better days are coming, says CEO for the South Waikato Pacific Islands Community Services Trust, Mrs Akarere Henry.

Throughout the pandemic, the Trust has been actively involved in providing support to Pacific families in need, a job that Mrs Henry does not take lightly as she understands how important it is to give families hope and stability. 

“Our strategy has been to stay the course. Through our outreach we’ve been ensuring Pacific families have access to the available support which has predominantly been food packages. 

We have an amazing team that continue to be led by our vision of caring for Pacific people. I’m honored to work alongside a group of like-minded people who are so passionate about our community” says Mrs Henry. 

Although the long weekend is a time for most people to have a break, Mrs Henry’s team will be delivering food packages so families are able to spend time together without worrying about kai (food).

“We’ll still be providing care packages over the weekend because it’s the long weekend and everyone will be home. Our team wants to make sure that families have kai and have one less thing to worry about.”

Mrs Henry expressed her admiration and appreciation for the collective care demonstrated within the community.

“One thing that has been emphasized is that Pacific virtue of looking out for each other. We’d deliver packages to families and often, they’d refer a family to us or ask if we’re giving a package to the mama down the road.”

She encourages families to hold on to these values moving forward and to continue to lean on each other and have faith in God. 

“We need to trust and have that faith; continue to uphold the core Pacific values that have been embedded in us and allow that to always continually guide us as we walk through these times together. Stay the course as better things are coming.”


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Date: Friday 15 April 2022