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PFL Partner Series: Tongan Health Society
Updates / Community , 27 Sep 23
The Tongan Health Society (THS) is an integrated healthcare provider, facilitating a range of services and initiatives aimed at providing high-quality, affordable, and culturally appropriate health care services to all New Zealanders.

Established in 1997, THS operates under the vision of empowerment to achieve optimal health and well-being through integrated and comprehensive healthcare that is responsive to both needs and values. 

Dr Glenn Doherty, Chief Executive Officer for THS, shared some of the work being carried out by THS in promoting health education, prevention, and advocacy, as well as fostering collaboration and partnership with other health providers and stakeholders. 

“Currently we are expanding our network of clinics, ensuring that all communities have access to our services. We are also investing in innovative technologies and solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our care delivery, such as telemedicine. 

“We are fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement among our staff, encouraging them to pursue professional development and feedback opportunities, as well as collaborating with other stakeholders in the health sector, such as government agencies, NGOs, and academic institutions, to share best practices and advocate for policy changes that support our vision.

“Additionally, we are measuring and reporting our impact on the health outcomes and satisfaction of our patients, using data and evidence to inform our decisions and actions.”

THS has been a leader in advocacy and addressing inequities that exist for Pacific people in health, community and education. 

Pasifika Futures Limited is proud to work in partnership with THS, and for the shared commitment to enhancing outcomes for families and communities. 

Dr Doherty affirms the value in the partnership approach. 

“The partnership from Pasifika Futures is crucial for THS’ work with the community, as it provides funding, guidance and support for the various health and social services that THS offers to Pacific families. 

“Pasifika Futures is the Whānau Ora commissioning agency for Pacific people in New Zealand, and it shares THS’ vision of empowering Pacific families to achieve their aspirations and improve their wellbeing.”