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‘The Solution is Us’: Dunedin’s Pacific community embraces collective action
Updates / Community , 26 Jun 24
As part of our ongoing roadshow, the Pasifika Futures team continued their journey, facilitating consultations with Pacific families and communities to explore their aspirations and paths towards prosperity.

After a successful talanoa in Invercargill, we travelled to Dunedin to engage in further discussions with the local Pacific community.

The evening in Dunedin saw a strong turnout, with families eager to share their motivations, dreams, and hopes for the future. We discussed a number of important topics, including sustainability, the effects of climate change, food security, support for individuals with disabilities, and financial stability.

A powerful message emerged from our talanoa in Dunedin: “The solution is us.”, emphasising the importance of collective effort and mutual support in meeting the needs of the community and advancing together on the journey to prosperity.

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